Half Eternity Bands

Eternity bands come in two major different styles: full eternity band and half eternity band. In the full eternity band, the diamonds go all around the circumference of the ring.

In the half eternity band, the diamonds are set only on the visible portion of the ring, that is, the front half. Both styles have their positives, but it is a matter of personal opinion which style you want to opt for. The full eternity band does look elegant but is obviously costlier and there is the possibility that you can lose the diamonds that go on the inner side of the hand. On the other hand, half eternity bands just don’t have the same level of symbolism, but win over in most other respects. The choice is yours to make!
Over and above everything, the anniversary diamond band you choose really needs to be compatible with the wedding and engagement rings. You and your partner need to discuss whether they would prefer to switch to the eternity ring, or if they prefer to wear all three at the same time. If the latter is the case, then the eternity ring should match the other rings.

Recently, we have noticed the popular new trend in emerald cut eternity bands. Here are some examples;


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